A service really
made for you.

Save time
without sacrificing comfort and quality

Fractional aircraft ownership,
the principle.

A turnkey solution
for your business trips.

By choosing Air Solutions, you benefit from a complete service that allows you to travel according to your needs.

You have a number of flight units at your disposal, which you can use both in aeroplanes and helicopters, depending on the distance to be covered.

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Find out why
our service is right for you.

These flight units, which are invoiced annually, cover costs, administrative management, logistical organisation and aircraft crew services.

Maintenance costs and consumables are invoiced to the owner at their real amounts at the end of the month.

Our contracts are simple, designed to make life easier for you and your company : you only have to choose, we take care of everything. Our fleet and its experienced pilots are at your disposal to meet your business travel needs.

Perfect control of your time

With Air Solutions you save precious time with the fast management of your reservation, the organisation of your departure without schedule constraints, the optimisation of your flight time and the handling by our partners for your transfers over the entirety of your trip.

These journeys are entirely managed by our team, meaning you can travel and continue your business meetings with complete peace of mind.

By opting for this mode of transport, you are protecting both your own health, by limiting your exposure, and that of your employees by protecting them from interminable waits and transit periods in terminals or station halls.

Freedom of movement

By choosing Air Solutions, you will travel by plane on French or European territory, but also by helicopter when the distance and difficulty of access justifies it, with the possibility of a drop-off in the mountains or on private land.

Our fleet, operated by Alpes Hélicoptères and Alpes Aéro, adapts to all your needs.

A controlled price

Air Solutions offers responsible business aviation with controlled costs and no unpleasant surprises.

Thanks to Air Solutions, you become co-owner of the aircraft and benefit from a number of flight hours adapted to your needs.

You purchase a share of a plane or helicopter and pay a fixed annual fee that gives you a number of flight hours under favourable financial conditions.

A complete offer

Beyond the favourable financial conditions, the Air Solutions team offers you a top-of-the-range and complete service. We mobilise all our know-how to organise your bookings with you and ensure that your trips run smoothly.

The crews and technical teams ensure the technical, administrative, regulatory and safety management of the fleet’s aircraft, a service included in your contract.

Optimal security

From the exacting maintenance standards of our fleet to the experience of our pilots, we do everything possible to guarantee you the highest level of safety.

Our crews are all made up of experienced pilots, who are also active in our Airline Flight Training Centre.

Air Solutions’ operating companies are holders of Air Operator Certificates issued by the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority), attesting to our ability to offer high-performance and safe services.

Our operators are also attentive to the quality of insurance coverage for aircraft and their passengers.

Comfortable aircraft

The cabins of our aircraft are designed so that you can work or rest in the best conditions.

Between the comfort of the seats and the soundproofing of the cabin, everything is organised to make every flight a pleasant one.

The Alpes Hélicoptères and Alpes Aéro teams pay particular attention to cleaning procedures to guarantee an optimal and irreproachable level of cleanliness.

A team at your service

Our team, organised on a human scale, will answer all your questions about flight planning and organisation.

The Air Solutions teams are your privileged contacts for your travels, offering you a personalised relationship, a sign of the trust and efficiency for which we strive.