Beech 90

Beechcraft King Air 90,
to go far.

The most popular
turboprop business jet.

Extreme flexibility, Endless possibilities

Equipped with a spacious pressurised cabin, the Beechcraft King Air 90, the world’s most popular turboprop business jet, offers you all the comfort you need for business or private travel.

Economical and reliable, it provides access to all regional airports, to get you as close as possible to your final destinations.
Its cruising speed enables the entire French territory to be covered in less than an hour and a half of flight time.

Up to
6 passengers

Up to
7 suitcases



Technical data

Flight range

1600 km

Maximum speed

420 km/h

Loading capacity

1,6 T

Take-off distance

900 m

Discover the interior of the Beech 90