Get on board and enjoy
the experience.

Your business trip
with Air Solutions

With several appointments during the day, especially with customers in Germany, it promises to be a busy day. Yet, I am not worried. I booked the trip for 5 people in just a few seconds via Air Solutions.



At Annecy Airport’s Business FL250 terminal, the Air Solutions team welcomes me. The plane has been prepared and is ready to leave.

My colleagues are already here. While having a coffee, the crew gives us the safety instructions, then it’s time to board.

7.05 / 8.20

Take-off from Annecy to Frankfurt

We take off immediately after loading the luggage. The journey will take 1h15.

On the way to Frankfurt, I prepare for the first meeting of the day with my project manager, occasionally peeking through the porthole. As we approach the city, we notice that traffic on the roads is building up, and we take advantage of the last minutes of the flight to fine-tune the details of our morning work. Once on the tarmac, Air Solutions takes care of everything to facilitate our transfer. In 10 minutes, a taxi takes us directly to our client.

8.30 / 10.30

1st meeting

Arrived on time, we complete our meeting. After two hours of discussions, with the prospect of some interesting projects, we return to the plane without a hitch, ready to continue the day.

10.45 / 12.00

Take-off from Frankfurt to Annecy

The trip allows us to debrief on this first meeting and to discuss points to be put forward at the next one.

We take a few moments to thank the pilots and then we leave for lunch.

14.20 / 14.45

Take-off from Annecy to Val d’Isère

This time my colleagues and I enjoy a transfer by helicopter. This aircraft has the advantage of being able to drop us off on a helipad, as close as possible to our meeting point.

15.00 / 18.00

2nd and 3rd meetings

We make several appointments and increase the number of interesting contacts. The last meeting lasted longer than expected, as always. I call Air Solutions who reassures me: they will wait for me as long as it takes.


Take-off from Val d’Isère to Annecy

Once settled on board the helicopter, my team and I debrief on the intense day we’ve had. The daylight is dimming, my colleagues are dozing off and I barely have time to admire this splendid landscape as we arrive in Annecy, just 25 minutes in.

End of the day

I’m back home and I can enjoy a meal with my family: what luck! I thank my team by SMS. I didn’t even have time to do it after the last meeting.